Herb garden flourishing

Jean Kerrigan reports on the latest developments in the herb garden

Planting the herb garden

Annick Alet and Jean Kerrigan lay out the slabs (photo by Nick Weedon)

On  Saturday June 4 a small group of Friends worked in blazing sunshine on the new herb bed in Windmill Gardens park.  The herbs planted in early April have grown well because, during the long period of dry weather, Friends have been watering regularly. All that hard work has paid off, and most of the original planting has not only survived but has flourished.

overgrown sandpit

The new herb garden was originally an overgrown sandpit (photo by Annick Alet)

On Saturday the task was to lay out the path that zig-zags across the bed to divide it into four distinct areas. The team sank large slabs of white stone into the ground and then planted young camomile between the slabs. These had been sown from seed some months ago during one of our planting workshops at the Brockwell Community Greenhouses. The plan is for the camomile to spread and make a green and scented surround to the stones.

New herb garden

Stone slabs now divide the bed into four distinct areas (photo by Nick Weedon)

We also planted clumps of violas to add colour to the bed. These had also been grown from seed at an earlier planting workshop. The tall plants, including the Acacia dealbata (mimosa)  kindly donated by the South London Botonical Institute, were all staked so that they are supported and can withstand strong winds.

Blackbird at drinking fountain

Thirsty work, this planting! (photo by Nick Weedon)

Behind the herb bed there are now three wooden planters, each containing herbs and flowers. Altogether, the medicinal herb bed project is looking good and provides an interesting and colourful addition to Windmill Gardens.

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