Help with the herb bed on Saturday

Annick Alet reports on the progress of planting in the park

Rain has reappeared in our skies, but it should be said that our medicinal herb bed always looked amazing, despite the mercilessly dry and sunny weather beating down for endless weeks on our usually green and luscious gardens.  Warm thanks are due, therefore, to all who have taken the trip to Windmill Gardens on various occasions to water our beautiful plants and the wheat that is growing quite steadily.

The heritage wheat and barley is growing well (photo by Annick Alet)

The Friends of Windmill Gardens have received a gracious donation in kind from Sarah Davey of the South London Botanical Institute, for which we are truly grateful.  The plants are safely located in my allotment and will be transplanted this Saturday in our medicinal herb garden.

So, with apologies for the short notice, we will be holding a gardening workshop in Windmill Gardens this Saturday 4 June at 10am. Refreshments will be provided – everyone welcome.

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