Replacing the sails

The video above shows the third sail being manoeuvred into position earlier today. The two common sails are already in place; this is the first patent sail (you can see the newly restored shutters).

A small crowd of Friends, park rangers and communications officers from Lambeth Council, children, photographers and other visitors to the park watched the large crane hoist each sail into the air before delicately hovering it above the poll end, ready to slot into position. Then two men were raised in the cherry picker to carefully guide the stock down through the poll end and bolt it in position.

Once each sail was firmly fixed, the poll end was rotated so that the next sail could be dropped into place. The two common sails were replaced first, followed by the patent sails with their newly restored shutters. The stocks have been reinforced with clamps to provide extra strength once the sails start turning.

Camera crews from both BBC London and ITN News turned up to film the occasion (and got to ride in the cherry picker!). Watch out for a report on London Tonight on ITV1 tonight, 6-6.30pm. The BBC package will go out on BBC1 at the weekend.

Jean Kerrigan, Chair of the Friends of Windmill Gardens, was also interviewed on the BBC London Breakfast Show this morning. It’s not on iPlayer yet, but if you missed it we will be posting a link later.

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