Media coverage today

The day started with Jean Kerrigan, Chair of the Friends of Windmill Gardens, being interviewed on Radio London’s Breakfast Show with Paul Ross and Gaby Roslin. If you missed it, you can hear it here. Apparently Paul Ross is going to come along to our launch parade on 2 May dressed as Vincent Van Gogh!

[Edit – have since been told that the male presenter was Paul Roseby, standing in for Paul Ross. Sorry!]

Camera crews from both the BBC and ITV filmed the sails going on throughout the day, and London Tonight on ITV1 finished with a piece that included interviews with Jean, Richard Santhiri, and delighted onlookers.

We were told that the BBC package will go out over the weekend on BBC1 – so look out for it.

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2 Responses to Media coverage today

  1. pennysteele says:

    Great media coverage – well done to all involved! I listened to the BBC London Radio Breakfast clip and I think the presenter talking about coming to the opening dressed as Vincent Van Gogh is Paul Roseby who was standing in for Paul Ross. Of course he’ll be most welcome, and with his theatrical connections – he is Artistic Director of the National Youth Theatre – it should set the bar high for the fancy dress competition!

  2. kwinter12 says:

    Whoops – sorry for getting his name wrong. Hope it doesn’t put him off coming to the launch!

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