Sails going back on tomorrow

Today the windmill was a  hive of activity as the millwrights started attaching the sails to the stocks, ready for putting them back on the windmill tomorrow. The large crane and the smaller cherry picker took up most of the space in front of the windmill, and it was fascinating to watch the crane manoeuvre the sails in such a restricted space.

The black pitch covering the exterior is becoming more matt as it dries out, but the glorious sunshine today still reflected off the shiny patches. Inside, the wooden panelling on the ground floor is nearly complete, and the carpenters have been working on a new oak door for the first floor.

It looks as if the weather tomorrow will play along, so if you’re in the area do come along to see the mill reclaim its sails. Assuming no other big stories break, we are expecting the BBC, ITN, Evening Standard and South London Press to send journalists to cover the story. And Jean Kerrigan, Chair of the Friends of Windmill Gardens, will be on BBC Radio London 94.9 on the Breakfast Show with Gaby Roslin and Paul Ross between 7am and 8am.

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