Nearly there

Photo by Owen Llewellyn

The scaffolding was removed at the weekend to reveal the newly painted windmill in all its glory. With the black pitch glinting in the spring sunshine, we were at last able to admire the freshly restored exterior woodwork and weatherboarded cap.

From the top... (photo by Jean Kerrigan)

...working down... (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

...nearly there (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

Inside, the floors have been sanded, the walls distempered, and the provender mill reinstalled.

The newly restored provender mill is back in place (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

This week, weather permitting, the sails (sweeps) will go back on. On Tuesday the site will be prepared for the arrival of the crane, and the millwright will be on site on Wednesday to put the sails back in the stocks, or supports. The sails will then be hoisted back on Thursday, with Friday as a contingency day.

After that the underpinning,  landscaping and final minor works go on up to the finish date which currently is  20 April.

So if you are free on  Thursday, do come along to see the sails being replaced – it will be a moment to cheer!

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