Windows and wall plates

Andrew the carpenter working on wall plates (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

The Cheltenham Festival may be over, but at Brixton Windmill there’s a sense that the restoration is entering the home straight.

The joists and floors on the first and second floors are complete, and the provender mill was delivered, despite the rain, last Friday. Reinstallation is due to start tomorrow.

The carpenters have been busy installing new windows (including a louvre window on the first floor to provide permanent ventilation) and wall plates.

Ulrike will also be carrying out a patch test of floor oil instead of varnish on the floors.

The wood for the weather boarding on the cap is still being painted (there’s an awful lot of it!) but should be finished today. The aim is to start rebuilding the cap at the end of this week.

The painters have finished coating the exterior with pitch, apart from a few spots around the window sills, and the lightning conductor has been refitted.

The dilemma remains of what to do about the pigeons. Although Stonewest have strung a net beneath the cap to block access to their favourite roost, one managed to fly in through a window and had to be chased out of the cap!


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