Stone furniture refitted

Stone furniture

Stone furniture around the main millstones has been replaced (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

Some of the ‘stone furniture’ that surrounds the main millstones on the second floor is now back in position. The hopper (which holds the grain), the shoe (which feeds the grain into the eye of the runner stone) and the quant (the central drive shaft that rotates and shakes the shoe) have all been restored, but the horse (the timber frame that supports the hopper) had to be replaced, as it was too badly damaged. The ‘before’ picture is below.

horse and runner stone

Stone furniture before restoration (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

shoe and quant

Close-up of restored shoe and quant (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

Work continues on replacing the joists and floorboards on the floor below so that the provender mill can be returned.

new joists

New joists are being installed to support the first floor (photo by Owen Llewellyn)


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