Another successful site visit

Site visit by Friends

Another successful site visit (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

Eight Friends of Windmill Gardens were treated to a site visit to see how the restoration of Brixton Windmill was going on Monday. Because of the work in progress, they were divided into two groups, guided by Ulrike from Stonewest and Sophie from Dannatt, Johnson Architects.

First floor doorway

The first-floor doorway has been repaired (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

Since the last Friends’ visit, work has progressed on the outside of the mill. The brickwork around the door on the first floor is complete, the old lintel has been removed and a new one made.

The large hole in the wall behind the provender mill and the windows are being repaired. It was quite hard work removing the cement covering the brickwork, which is about an inch thick. Also, when working on a crooked windowsill, Stonewest uncovered a large nest of ladybirds and some more tree roots encased in the cement.




Restored sack hoist wheel

The sack hoist wheel has been repaired (photo by Owen Llewellyn)


Inside, the sack hoist wheel has been renovated, and new floorboards are being laid on the second floor. Once the boards on the first and second floor have been sanded and varnished, the restored stone furniture and provender mill can be returned.



Test panel of distemper

Test panel of distemper (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

Trials are continuing on paint for the interior, using distemper instead of limewash. However, this is quite translucent and shows all the repairs underneath, which may not be what we want!



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4 Responses to Another successful site visit

  1. kitreno says:

    Hi I think we should go for the original limewash isn’t it healthier for the stone and us?

  2. yorksmiller says:

    I am sorry to hear that you are planning to varnish the floor. Mill floors have always been left unvarnished, which allows the timber to breathe. Varnished floors always wear and leave a patchwork effect. Is it too late to think again about this?

  3. kwinter12 says:

    Hi Kit,

    I know they’ve also done trials with limewash as well – we saw a test panel on the last visit. I don’t know which one will eventually be picked.

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