Friends Site visit

Yesterday morning Stonewest held the first Site visit to view progress of the restoration.  Ulrike and Keith took us through the mill and up into the cap. Sophie from the architects was also on hand to answer questions and explain details of the restoration. In addition to the removal of the provinder mill and the sails most of the work so far has been inside the mill scraping back the paint and loose rendering in order to assess the structural damage to the brickwork. All the damaged bricks have been removed and the HeliBars are in position. Work has more or less come to a halt now due to the freezing weather conditions as most building works require a minimum temperature of at least 5C.



Sonewest are planning further Site visits in January and February which are open to all FoWG members.  In order to make a Site visit you should already have done the site induction which takes around 10 minutes. To arrange a site induction and visit please email your contact details to

Looking up into the cap (photo Owen Llewellyn)


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