Counting bricks


Scaffolding is now complete (photo by Jean Kerrigan)

The scaffolding is now complete, with a wooden roof protecting the cap. It’s quite a work of art. All that remains is for the whole lot to be shrouded in plastic sheeting to give more protection throughout the winter.

Stonewest have continued to scrape the paint off the brickwork inside the mill so that they can assess the damage. Counting bricks is not the sexiest of tasks, as site manager Ulrika admits! Although the outside of the windmill is coated with waterproof bitumen, the interior is damp because water has entered through cracks in the windows and sills. As a result, some of the bricks have eroded as the salts have leached out and will probably need to be replaced, after advice from the architect.


Scaffolding as art? (photo by Owen Llewellyn)

The good news is that structural engineer has been monitoring the cracks over the past 18 months, and there has been no movement. A conical building like the windmill is one of the most stable type of structures, and some underpinning on the southern side is already planned anyway.

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