Week 4

When I dropped in on the windmill this morning, site manager Ulrika was sitting surrounded by plans and papers. As with any large building or restoration project involving several contributors, it’s vital to work out what needs to be done in what order.

And with an old building, it’s not always obvious what work will need doing from the outset. For example, as Stonewest have removed the paint and cement from the interior of the windmill, they have uncovered some large structural cracks. The plan is to repair these using HeliBars, but a structural engineer is visiting on Thursday to advise whether something else will also be needed.

The scaffolding is progressing well; they hope to get the roof on by the end of this week. Once the scaffold is complete, Stonewest will be able to inspect the exterior to see what needs doing. The outside is currently coated with bitumen to provide a waterproof coating; this will be cleaned and repaired where necessary.

Paul Sellwood from Owlsworth millwrights will also be up again to discuss how to remove the provender mill. The plan is to unblock the door on the first floor, but a temporary replacement will have to be constructed to keep the windmill secure until the provender mill has been restored and reinstalled.

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