No sign of subsidence

Underpinning Brixton Windmill may not be necessary, if initial investigations by Stonewest, the restoration company responsible for construction work on the site, are correct.

Because the mill is built on two levels, the engineer for Stonewest thought it would be wise to check that there was no subsidence. But Keith Gill, site supervisor, says that they have uncovered no signs so far: “The mill is built on solid London clay, which hasn’t moved for 200 years.” The engineer will confirm on Monday whether underpinning will be necessary.

While millwrights Owlsworth will be carrying out the specialist restoration on the sails, provender mill, and cap, Stonewest will be responsible for the standard construction work – drains, electricity supply, doors and windows, gullies, and manholes.

Although Stonewest has worked on some high-profile restoration projects, such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Midland Hotel at St Pancras, this is the first mill it has restored. “It’s a ‘fun’ project for us,” says Keith. “We’re looking forward to learning more about this type of building.”

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