Programme of works announced

This is the programme of work for the first couple of weeks, giving the expected start date and number of days allotted to each item:

Mon 25/10/10 Set up site/Access – 3 days
Wed 27/10/10 Remove Sails ( Prov ) – 3 days
Thu 28/10/10 Friends of the Windmill Visit (health and safety induction) – 1 day
Fri 29/10/10 Erect Access Scaffolding/Cabins – 10 days
Fri 12/11/10 Dismantle and alterations to structure – 10 days
Fri 12/11/10 Underpinning – 10 days
Thu 28/10/10 Move (temp) Provender Mill – 4 days
Wed 03/11/10 Timber Works/repairs – 15 days

Stonewest Ltd. is the main contractor. Their website is
The site manager’s name is Keith Gill and he can be contacted by mobile on 07703 193 709.

Owlsworth IJP are the millwrights. Their website is
They will not be on site all the time as much of their work will be working on the sails and provender mill off-site.

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