Timetable of work

Work on the windmill is planned to start on 25 October – though we are still waiting to hear final confirmation of this. Here’s a rough outline of what’s likely to happen first.

Week 1 Setting up (fencing off the site, erecting the workers’ hut)

Provender mill

The provender mill will be removed for restoration in week 2

Week 2 The sails will be taken off by crane, and the provender mill will be removed. Work on the sails will take around seven weeks if they need repairing, but more like 13 weeks if they need to be replaced. The patent sails will have their shutters replaced but they won’t be linked to the millstones when they are put back on, because of health and safety reasons.

A hole will also be dug at the back of the mill to investigate whether any underpinning is needed. If it is, this could delay the rest of the restoration. If no underpinning is necessary, freestanding scaffolding will be erected so that restoration can start on the brickwork. Work will also start on the drains, as the mill will eventually have independent drainage and electricity supply.

Week 3 Assuming that underpinning is not necessary, work will start on the cap (the bit at the top that used to turn). The cap will be raised on hydraulic supports to allow access to the curb, skid pads, and winding mechanism.

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2 Responses to Timetable of work

  1. taffytubby says:

    Yesterday morning (Wednesday 20th.) two gentlemen from Sub-Site Systems were busily surveying the area around the Windmill in order to locate power cables, water and drainage pipe-work.

  2. jeankfowg says:

    The contractor’s fence is now up round the site, the entrance to the park has been widened and tomorrow – Wednesday 26th – the big crane is due to arrive so the millwright can start work on removing the sweeps (sails). These are expected to come off on Thursday which should be quite an event to watch and record in photographs. Unfortunately I will miss this as I have to work all day!
    The site training, listed on the timetable of works for Thursday 29th is postponed to next week.

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